Nomination Form for New Board Members

  • Posted on: 10 January 2022
  • By: zoe

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Nominations are not yet open. Keep an eye on for updates to the board nomination process. When nominations open, you will need to be an FSF associate member in order to use this form. (Read More)

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This form is for nominating individuals for election to the Free Software Foundation's (FSF) board of directors. The deadline for nominations will be updated when this board nomination form opens.

FSF board member nominees should have a history of supporting free software, and should, if elected, actively promote the Free Software Foundation and encourage and support its staff.

Knowledge of software development practices, copyright law, general management, programming, or nonprofit governance is considered potentially valuable, but these are not requirements for a good board member.

Read more about the recruitment process for new board members.

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Use examples to illustrate this person's qualities, helpful items would be links to:

  • Web addresses for any software, manuals, or writings created by the nominee, or related to the work of the nominee;
  • Talks the nominee has given;
  • Works the nominee has published;
  • Examples of the person's professional or personal history relating to free software or other aspects of FSF board membership.

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Before submitting, please confirm you have read the FSF board matrix to understand the fundamental requirements and valuable attributes for board members.