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FSF Campaigns Widgets

Do you have a website or blog? By putting our campaigns widgets on your website or blog, you can help us build our mailing list for the Free Software Supporter, a monthly-update on our work.

Please join our widget announcements mailing list to be notified of upcoming changes to our fundraising widget.

No Javascript? Use our image widgets instead...

No Javascript? Use our image widgets instead...

How to add these widgets to your website

There are two variations of the widget - a regular one and a thin version, if you'd prefer.

Adding it to your website, is really easy. Just copy and paste this piece of HTML into the place on your blog.

Thin version

The thin version is ideal for a smaller blog or website.

Image widgets

If you'd rather not use JavaScript, or you have a blog or some other site which doesn't allow you to use JavaScript, you can link to our image version instead...

Support freedom

or if you prefer our thin widget...

Support freedom

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