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When you donate to the FSF as an associate member, you support the essential freedoms for all computer users, with a sustaining contribution. Associate membership is $140 annually or $12 per month. For students, the rate is just $70 or $6 per month. To help make the membership more accessible to all our supporters, and to accommodate people who are on a tighter financial budget, people from countries with a tough exchange rate, or those who have been affected by inflation and current economic challenges, we also offer a friends membership that comes with a selection of the benefits. Offering this more inclusive associate membership at lower cost.
will help us increase diversity in the FSF community. For more information, please visit https://www.fsf.org/associate/. Over 90% of our funding comes from individuals — your contribution matters! Join with over 5,000 active members in 86 countries, and all 50 US states representing a diverse membership of computer users, artists, software engineers, hackers, students, and activists.

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When you donate as an associate member, you are part of an informed society working together to make a better world: respectful of individual freedom, social solidarity, personal privacy, and democracy — built on free software.

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Plus you support our work on the GNU Project and campaigns for free software adoption and development.

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