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The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is happy to bring back the LibreLuna program to stream the conference to your location. LibreLuna is a way for people to remotely attend the conference by simply streaming the event or by organizing a local event which the FSF can promote by providing a registration page for your to share and plan your event.

LibrePlanet will be taking place at MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts. Saturday - 09:45-18:45 EDT (13:45 - 22:45 UTC) and Sunday, 09:45-18:00 EDT (13:45 - 22:00 UTC).

The LibreLuna program seeks to accomplish two immediate goals:

  • Provide our tech team with people that can help stress test the streaming well before the conference.
  • Support and celebrate the decentralized free software community around the world, and build relationships within our movement.
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