Svetlana's Wiki - free software donation pit

Hello! Free software movement saves you from mistreatment by proprietary software. My wiki is dedicated to collaboration on several free software and outreach projects. Donations are collected here.

My software and projects are listed at the wiki. They include

  • free scripts for Mozilla web browsers,
  • free scripts for Wikimedia wikis (Wikipedia, Wikinews, Wikimedia Commons) that encourage information freedom
  • free scripts for free Internet Relay Chat (IRC) clients
  • translation and journalism outreach
  • mirrored free software written by others

The wiki is used for note-taking and collaboration on these tasks.

(Please remember that my projects are not necessarily high priority for you. As an alternative to donating, please see the High Priority Projects (GNU).)

The wiki authors do not take personal donations. To acknowledge their work, please donate here.