LibrePlanet Scholarship Application

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We are offering a limited number of travel scholarships to assist with expenses related to attending LibrePlanet. While we cannot offer stipends to everyone who applies, we will do our best to bring as many people as possible from as many communities as possible. We are generally unable to cover 100% of your travel and hotel costs, applicants should be prepared to cover some portion of travel expenses. The application deadline for travel stipends is Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 at 10:00 EST in the morning (15:00 UTC).

One of the goals of our scholarship program is to increase participation by marginalized groups in our conference, so we ask some questions about identity. Remember that all of these fields are optional.


This question is a space for you to Include any other identity information that doesn't fit in the provided fields, like class background, ability/disability, national origin/citizenship status, sexuality, religion/spiritual practice, geography/regional affiliations, education, types of work, etc.

We will not publish or share your information with any party outside the FSF. See our privacy policy for more information.