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Below is the text of Free Software Foundation's comment to the United States Copyright Office in regard to their DMCA anti-circumvention provisions. Because we have submitted it to the Copyright Office, the comment is no longer open for co-signing. For more background information on this comment and the FSF's position, please see our blog post on


On December 29th, 2015, the United States Copyright Office (Copyright Office) released a public call for comment, Section 1201 Study: Notice and Request for Public Comment (Docket No. 2015-8) in order to assess the operation of Section 1201, Title 17, including the triennial rulemaking process established under the DMCA to adopt exemptions to the prohibition against circumvention of technological measures that control access to copyrighted works. In response to this call, the Free Software Foundation submits the following comment.

About the Free Software Foundation

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a charitable 501(c)(3) corporation, founded in 1985, with the mission to expand and defend computer user freedom. The FSF is the largest single contributor to the GNU operating system (used widely today in its GNU/Linux variant) and the FSF's GNU General Public License (GPL) is the most widely used free software license, covering major components of the GNU operating system and tens of thousands of other computer programs used on hundreds of millions of computers around the world. The FSF has inspired and significantly influenced numerous other initiatives focused on creating free licenses and free works, including Creative Commons and Wikipedia.

The FSF's Licensing & Compliance Lab is the preeminent resource of free licensing information for developers and publishers of free software and free documentation. The Licensing and Compliance Lab provides numerous resources and public services including: no-cost licensing consulting for developers of free works; continuing legal education workshops for the legal community; and myriad educational publications on choosing and making use of free licenses.


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act's (DMCA) anti-circumvention provisions should be repealed, and the exemptions process ended. Technological protection measures and Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) play no legitimate role in protecting copyrighted works. Instead, they are a means of controlling users and creating "lock in". Companies use this control illegitimately with an eye toward extracting maximum revenue from users in ways that have little connection to actual copyright law. In fact, these restrictions are technological impediments to the rights users have under copyright law, such as fair use. DRM enables companies to spy on their users, and use that data for profit. DRM requires the use of proprietary software, which exposes users to security vulnerabilities, as was the case in 2005 when Sony infected users' computers with a rootkit as part of their music album DRM system.

That other government agencies are seeking to use the DMCA's anti-circumvention provisions to enforce rules unrelated to copyright demonstrates that DRM is about restriction. During the 2015 round of exemptions, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sent a letter to the Copyright Office urging that restrictions on access to vehicle software be maintained. In this letter, the EPA did not base its argument on the enforcement of copyright; it was asking to restrict users to enforce unrelated regulations which had no basis under the DMCA.

Much like the EPA, companies seek to use DRM to lock down and control users, using potential copyright violations as an excuse. DRM is frequently used to spy on users by requiring that they maintain a connection to the Internet so that the program can send information back to the DRM provider about the user's actions. DRM is used to restrict the ability of users to switch to a competing piece of software on their devices, or to prevent them from switching to a competing digital store for the purchase of software, movies and music. Even if it were about enforcing copyright law, the power given to companies by DRM and the DMCA is unacceptably over broad. We should not give companies the authority to pursue criminal charges against users seeking simply to have full control over their own computer systems and security, just because some users might use that control to violate copyright law.

The exemptions process was supposed to address some of these concerns, but it does not. Exemptions are of no value if they cannot be practically enjoyed by average users. Sharing tools and asking third parties for assistance are always required for ordinary users to be able to exercise their rights. The 1201(b) restrictions on sharing tools necessary to exercise their rights should be rescinded, so that users can help each other break free of the control imposed by DRM. Users should be free to ask third parties to disable DRM on their behalf.

The FSF is the copyright holder for much of the software that comprises the GNU/Linux operating system, one of the most ubiquitous operating systems in the world. FSF-copyrighted software is found in thousands of devices, from wireless routers to the web servers that run much of the Internet. The FSF faces numerous copyright violations every day on the software to which it holds copyright, but has never employed and never will employ DRM. Thousands of other free software developers likewise do not utilize DRM, and are harmed by the DMCA's anti-circumvention rules, which grant anti-competitive advantages to developers who chose to harm their users. Free software has spread all around the world, enriching the lives of users and the bottom lines of developers who understand the value in respecting the rights of everyone by avoiding harmful DRM.

All DRM is a violation of the rights of users. The exemptions process as outlined by section 1201 is completely broken beyond repair. No amount of exemptions, except a permanent exemption for all uses, can rectify the situation. Requiring users to continually fight for exemptions in order to maintain them is inherently unfair. The ultimate solution to the problem is not to try and fix a broken process, but to end it. It is unethical and harmful for the law to treat all users as criminals -- which is exactly what DRM does. The DMCA's anti-circumvention provisions do too much harm and should be repealed, so that users may once again enjoy their rights under the law without interference.


Joshua Gay & Donald Robertson, III
Free Software Foundation


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  506. Haydn Huntley, Makawao, Hawaii
  507. E J Huott III, Silver Bay, New York
  508. Mason Hutchinson, Floyd, Virginia
  509. Brandon Huynh, San Gabriel, California
  510. Jan Huysamen, Pago Pago, American Samoa
  511. Brenden Hyde, Fort Collins, Colorado
  512. Ned Imming, San Diego, California
  513. Nelson Ingersoll, Monument, Colorado
  514. Naoki Inoue, Ikoma-shi, Nara
  515. Peter Isburgh, Austin, Texas
  516. Barbara Iverson, Chicago, Illinois
  517. Jason Jackson, Arvada, Colorado
  518. Laura Jackson, Durham, North Carolina
  519. Aubrey Jaffer, Bedford, Massachusetts
  520. andrew jarcho, New York, New York
  521. Galland Jean, Strasbourg, Connecticut
  522. Jessica Jenkins, CHANDLER, Arizona
  523. Jon Jensen, Victor, Idaho
  524. Giselle Jhunjhnuwala, Irvine, California
  525. Jimmy Jimenez, Jamaica, New York
  526. Jeremy Johnson, Orem, Utah
  527. Gary Johnson, Burlington, Vermont
  528. Aaron Johnson, Salina, Kansas
  529. Stuart Johnson, Trussville, Alabama
  530. Chris Johnson, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  531. Ray Johnson, Las Vegas, Nevada
  532. Susan Jolly, Fort Collins, Colorado
  533. Alexander Jones, San Antonio, Texas
  534. Russell Jones, Manhattan Beach, California
  535. Stef Jones, San Carlos, California
  536. Dan Jones, Eagle Mountain, Utah
  537. Bill Jones, Pensacola , Florida
  538. Jeffrey Jones, Kansas City, Missouri
  539. Ryan Jordan, Beloit, Wisconsin
  540. David Justus, Oakland, California
  541. R KA, tiburon, California
  542. Walt Kaa, Salt Lake City, Utah
  543. Paul Kaefer, Lombard, Illinois
  544. Andreas Kahnt, Munich, Armed Forces Europe
  545. Kevin Kaland, Grandville, Michigan
  546. David Kallechey, Atlanta, Georgia
  547. Brenton Kallis-Whitney, Portland, Oregon
  548. Zach Kamsler, Sudbury, Massachusetts
  549. Sung Kang, College Park, Maryland
  550. Scott Karstetter, Monroeville, Pennsylvania
  551. Tyler Kavanaugh , Portland, Oregon
  552. Maggie Kearns, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  553. Logan Kearsley, Orem, Utah
  554. Shaun keating, Oceanside, California
  555. Ian Kelling, Redmond, Washington
  556. Lewis Kellum, Tipton, Michigan
  557. derek kelly, charlotte, North Carolina
  558. Tim Kelly, Baltimore, Maryland
  559. Dylan Kelly, Wichita, Kansas
  560. Casey Kemp, Norwalk, California
  561. Travis Kendrick, Houston, Texas
  562. Steve Kennedy, Seattle, Washington
  563. Mark Kenworthy, Plymouth, Michigan
  564. Russell Keppner, Gilbert, Arizona
  565. David Kersten, Saint Charles, Missouri
  566. Daniel Kettle, Beaverton, Oregon
  567. Sami Khan, Frisco, Texas
  568. Denis Khvostov, Saint-Petersburg, Florida
  569. Robert Kight, Albany, Georgia
  570. Patrick Kile, San Francisco, California
  571. Robert King, Bowie, Maryland
  572. Jacob King, Cedar Park, Texas
  573. J.V. King, FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida
  574. Jason King, Norman, Oklahoma
  575. Donald Kingsley, port angeles, Washington
  576. John Kirby, Converse, Texas
  577. Andor Kiss, Oxford, Ohio
  578. Martin Klar, Karlsruhe, Baden-Wuerttemberg
  579. Nathan Klatt, Willmar, Minnesota
  580. Erik Klimkewicz, Polk, Ohio
  581. Brandon Kline, Southgate, Michigan
  582. Tom Knapp, Beaverton, Oregon
  583. Jonathan Knapp, Santa Barbara, California
  584. Edgar Knapp, Miami, Indiana
  585. Joseph Knecht, Berlin, Armed Forces Europe
  586. Warren Knight, Schertz, Texas
  587. Ann Knight, Cheyenne, Wyoming
  588. james knox, madisonville, Kentucky
  589. Matthew Koch, Boulder, Colorado
  590. Roger Koehler, Cottonwood Heights, Utah
  591. Todd Kofford, Lawrence, Kansas
  592. Anthony Kolasny, Columbia, Maryland
  593. Kenneth Koski, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  594. Steven Kostis , New York, New York
  595. Matt Kowal, Olympia, Washington
  596. joe kozy, Peoria, Illinois
  597. Matthew Kraai, Tustin, California
  598. Daniel Krainas, Cocoa Beach, Florida
  599. Kostadin Krajcev, New York, New York
  600. Chaim Krause, LEAVENWORTH, Kansas
  601. Jim Kreuch, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  602. James Kruth, Grand Ledge, Michigan
  603. Jennifer Kunze, Baltimore, Maryland
  604. Joshua Kupershmidt, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  605. Nicholas Kuschinski, Chicago, Illinois
  606. Eric Kuzmenko, Loveland, Colorado
  607. Andrew Kvalheim, Seattle, Washington
  608. Jacob Laguerre, Queens, New York
  609. Andre Lallier, St. Cloud, Florida
  610. Michael Lamb, Costa Mesa, California
  611. Byron Lambrou, Newark, Delaware
  612. Fred Landers, Seattle, Washington
  613. Jonathan Lane, Chicago, Illinois
  614. Sean Lang, Brooklyn, New York
  615. Joseph Larabell, Houston, Texas
  616. Miller Larson, Hauser, Idaho
  617. Jesse LaRue, Oakland, California
  618. Simon Last, San Francisco, California
  619. Sham'uuna Latifu, Bronx , New York
  620. sebASTIEN lautie, new york, New York
  621. Ron Lauzon, Rockford, Michigan
  622. Dave Law, Seattle, Washington
  623. Jeff Lawrence, New York, New York
  624. Dzmitry Lazerka, San Francisco, California
  625. Robert Lazzarini, Mount Tabor, New Jersey
  626. Cody Lee, Ozark, Arkansas
  627. Wayne Leggett, Santa Paula, California
  628. James Lemasters, Durham, North Carolina
  629. Joshua Lense, Moorhead, Minnesota
  630. Christopher Lentner, Rochester, New York
  631. Jeremy Leonard, DeWitt, Michigan
  632. Mike LeRoy, Santa Rosa, California
  633. Brendan Leslie, Aurora, Colorado
  634. Jacob Leslie, Chandler, Arizona
  635. Stephen Lester, San Diego, California
  636. Thomas Levine, Scarsdale, New York
  637. Matthew Levine, Tampa, Florida
  638. William Lewis, Vernal, Utah
  639. Warren Lewis, Seattle, Washington
  640. Josh Lewis, Forest Lake, Minnesota
  641. Noah Liebman, Farmington Hills, Michigan
  642. William Liggett, Arlington, Virginia
  643. Daniel Linder, Emeryville, California
  644. David Lindsey, Round Mountain, Texas
  645. Warren Ling, Mesa, Arizona
  646. John F Link, III, Crestwood, Kentucky
  647. Matthew Linscott, Covington, Washington
  648. Dmitrii Lisovskii, Arlington, Virginia
  649. Stephen Loebs, ROCKLIN, California
  650. Douglas Logan, Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire
  651. Bharath Lohray, San Jose, California
  652. David Lombard, Wichita, Kansas
  653. Jarren Long, Spokane, Washington
  654. Julia Longtin, Washington, District of Columbia
  655. Rob Looker, Plymouth, United States Minor Outlying Islands
  656. David Looney, La Jolla, California
  657. James Loope, Portland, Oregon
  658. John Lopez, Los Angeles, California
  659. Emilio Lopez, Bronx, New York
  660. Stuart LoPresti, Vero Beach, Florida
  661. Jonathan Loptien, Lafayette, Colorado
  662. Wayne Lorentz, Pacifica, California
  663. Samuel Loretan, Santa Monica, California
  664. Robert Love, Houston
  665. Nils Lübke, Saskatchewan, Alaska
  666. Marty Lucich, Fremont, California
  667. Stephen Ludwig, Pacifica, California
  668. Rafael Luik, New York, New York
  669. John Lynch, Dunmore, Pennsylvania
  670. ian mac allister, san jose, California
  671. Peter Madams, Placerville, California
  672. B Maddigan, Middleboro, Massachusetts
  673. supriyanto maftuh, jakarta raya, Washington
  674. Lisa Maginnis, Boston, Massachusetts
  675. Stephen Mahood, Boston, Massachusetts
  676. Ivan Makfinsky, Montgomery Village, Maryland
  677. Charles Malinowski, Paso Robles, California
  678. Sean Mann, St Petersburg, Florida
  679. Roderick Mann, Milpitas, California
  680. Michael Mann, Rosamond, California
  681. Eli Mapstead, Bakersfield, California
  682. Eric Marchand, Patchogue, New York
  683. Julian Marchant, South Lyon, Michigan
  684. Jonathan Mark, Seattle, Washington
  685. Jordan Marsh, Shoreline, Washington
  686. Paul Martel, Shirley, Massachusetts
  687. Thad Martin, Austin, Texas
  688. Nick Martindell, Seattle, Washington
  689. Lisa Martinez, Friendswood, Texas
  690. Richard Marton, Groton, Massachusetts
  691. J-P Mary, Manchester , New Hampshire
  692. David Mascharka, Des Moines, Iowa
  693. Richard Mason, Dixon, California
  694. Alexander Mastrando Jr., Pine Hill, New Jersey
  695. Luca Mastrobuono, Genova, Armed Forces Europe
  696. Diego Matho, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  697. Alexander Matias, Bremerton, Washington
  698. Matt Matrisciano, Windermere, Florida
  699. Kobe Matthys, Brussels, New York
  700. Charles Mattice, Jackson, Georgia
  701. Scott Maxwell, Pasadena, California
  702. Daniel Maxwell-Ross, Berkeley, California
  703. Larry Mayfield, Ukiah, California
  704. Jennifer McArdle, Burbank, California
  705. Kevin McCarthy, Eugene, Oregon
  706. Branon McClellan, Chesapeake, Virginia
  707. Michael McClennen, Verona, Wisconsin
  708. Thayne McCombs, West Jordan, Utah
  709. Mark McCormick, San Francisco, California
  710. chris mccraw, portland, Oregon
  711. Daniel McDonald, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey
  712. Martin McDonough, Vista, California
  713. Henry McFadyen, Dallas, Texas
  714. Ken McGlothlen, Tacoma, Washington
  715. Shane McGuckian, Fort collins, Colorado
  716. Brian McGuinness, Madison, New Jersey
  717. Stephen McIntosh, Jacksonville, Florida
  718. Paul McKee, Bellevue, Washington
  719. Tom McKellips, Morrisville, Missouri
  720. cody mckellips, Morrisville, Missouri
  721. Paul McKimmy, Honolulu, Hawaii
  722. Foster McLane, Clemson, South Carolina
  723. Sean McNamara, Pasadena, Maryland
  724. Ronald McPeak, Fremont, California
  725. Sean McTernan, olney, Maryland
  726. Ryan Meaney, Gun Barrel City, Texas
  727. Joseph Meaux, Duson, Louisiana
  728. Barry Meehan, Libertyville, Illinois
  729. Alex Meek , Austin, Texas
  730. David Melik, Colbert, Washington
  731. Jason Melton, FPO, Armed Forces Pacific
  732. Carl Melville, Ozark, Missouri
  733. Dave Melvin, La Vista, Nebraska
  734. Les Mercatoris, Bryan, Texas
  735. Susan Merriam, Worcester, Massachusetts
  736. Paul Merrill, Sunnyvale, California
  737. Robert Merritt, Folsom, California
  738. Andy Merskin, Arvada, Colorado
  739. Paul Messina, District Heights, Maryland
  740. Holger Meyer, Wichita, Kansas
  741. Dave Michaud, Portland, Maine
  742. Phillip Mikesell, Conifer, Colorado
  743. Tomas Mikula, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  744. Stanley Miller, Gilbert, Arizona
  745. Carl Miller, Poway, California
  746. Aaron Miller, Garden Grove, California
  747. John Miller, Lake Forest Park, Washington
  748. Michael Miller, Alexandria, Virginia
  749. Ethan Miller, Poughkeepsie, New York
  750. Evan Miller, Madison, Wisconsin
  751. william miller, fort wayne, Indiana
  752. James Milligan, indianapolis, Indiana
  753. Bill Milosz, CHICAGO, Illinois
  754. Payam Minoofar, San Buenaventura, California
  755. Jeff Mintun, Rocky Mount, Virginia
  756. Christian Lee Miranda, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  757. David Mitchell, Bainbridge Island, Washington
  758. Jeff Mitzelfelt, Tremont, Illinois
  759. Jeremy Mizell, Aurora, Colorado
  760. Jeff Moe, Loveland, Colorado
  761. Scott Monahan, Gilbert, Arizona
  762. k monar, Maryville, Tennessee
  763. james Monroe, Kansas City, Missouri
  764. Julian Montague, Urbana, Illinois
  765. Dustin Montgomery, Mansfield, Ohio
  766. Wayne Moore, Bronx, New York
  767. Sergiy Moot, Manassas Park, Virginia
  768. George Morgan, Sterling, Virginia
  769. Bo Morgan, Emerald Hills, California
  770. William Morgart, Devon, Pennsylvania
  771. Mark D. Morin, Psy.D., Waterville, Maine
  772. Samuel Morley , Seattle , Washington
  773. Robert Morris, Auburndale, Massachusetts
  774. Mike Morrison, Torrington, Connecticut
  775. Donald Morrone, Wolcott, Connecticut
  776. Rory Morse, Santa Clara, California
  777. Jonathan Mortola, Pittsburg, California
  778. Daniel Moser, Toledo, Ohio
  779. Tim Moss, Lafayette, California
  780. Carter Moss, Bountiful, Utah
  781. Richard Mott, San Diego, California
  782. Debaditya Mukhopadhyay, Baltimore, Maryland
  783. Clinton Mullins, Taylor, Michigan
  784. Ben Mulvey, Rochester, New York
  785. Luis Munoz, Irvine, California
  786. Marcy Murninghan, Watertown, Massachusetts
  787. Michael Murphy, Accord, New York
  788. Michael Murphy, Huntington, New York
  789. Michael Murphy, Ellisville, Missouri
  790. Matthew Murphy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  791. Denise Murray, Woodridge, Illinois
  792. Rod Murufas, Yorba Linda, California
  793. Cole N/A, South Kingstown, Rhode Island
  794. Tássio Naia dos Santos, Birmingham, Alabama
  795. troy nall, baton rouge, Louisiana
  796. John Napier, Malden, Massachusetts
  797. Harender Nath, india, Indiana
  798. Wojciech Nawrocki, Boston, Massachusetts
  799. Amy Nelson, Milpitas, California
  800. Barry Nelson, Miami, Florida
  801. Rick Nelson, Columbus, Ohio
  802. Carl Nelson, Lake Stevens, Washington
  803. Ian Neubert, Bothell, Washington
  804. William Neuheisel, Washington, District of Columbia
  805. Brett Neumeier, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
  806. Karl Newman, Santa Rosa, California
  807. J B Nicholson, Champaign, Illinois
  808. Frank Niertit, Downey, California
  809. Evan Niessen-Derry, St.Paul, Minnesota
  810. Erik Niklas, Columbus, Ohio
  811. Jason Ninneman, FAIRBANKS, Alaska
  812. Ryan Noblett, Lapeer, Michigan
  813. Erich Noll, Kansas City, Missouri
  814. Kirk Noonan, Vero Beach, Florida
  815. Elizabeth Noonan, Oakland , California
  816. Eric Norberg, Leawood, Kansas
  817. Zachary Norman, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  818. Gregory Nowak, Sun City, Arizona
  819. Lee Nuckols, Cedar Park, Texas
  820. Vaughn Numrych, Tolland, Connecticut
  821. Peter Nunn, Bannockburn, Vermont
  822. Michael O'Donnell, Glencoe, Illinois
  823. Glenn Ochampaugh, Vancouver, Washington
  824. luis olarte, miami, Florida
  825. Ian Oliver, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
  826. Peter Olson, Watertown, Massachusetts
  827. Aren Olson, Sunnyvale, California
  828. S Ong, Temple City, California
  829. LESLIE ORLOFF, Cold Spring Harbor, New York
  830. Jack Ostroff, Old Lyme, Connecticut
  831. atom ottokar , S F , California
  832. Erik Overberg, Dearborn, Michigan
  833. Stefano Pacifico, New York, New York
  834. David Paige, Sierra Vista, Arizona
  835. George Paley, Gaithersburg, Maryland
  836. James Pannacciulli, Los Angeles, California
  837. Michael Paoli, Berkeley, California
  838. Jim Paris, Boston, Massachusetts
  839. Keri Parmeter, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  840. Dominick Pastore, Chesterfield, Virginia
  841. Douglas Patac, Bennington, Vermont
  842. Carlos Leandro Patiño, Buenos aires, Montana
  843. Jeffery Patton, Oolitic, Indiana
  844. Phillip Patzer, Cadillac, Michigan
  845. Sean Patzer, Fairbanks, Alaska
  846. Timothy Pearson, Belvidere, Illinois
  847. Zachary Pellman, Scottsdale, Arizona
  848. Paulie Pena, Boston, Massachusetts
  849. Steven Perez, San Antonio, Texas
  850. Alexander Perez, Denver, Colorado
  851. Paul Perkins, Hiawassee, Georgia
  852. Matthew Peters, Seattle, Washington
  853. David Petruncola, Enigrant Gap, California
  854. Art Petrzelka, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  855. John Petty, Austin, Texas
  856. Ben Pfaff, San Carlos, California
  857. Jonathan Phebus, Fall Branch, Tennessee
  858. Jonathan Piacenti, Houston, Texas
  859. Michael Pickens, Chicago, Illinois
  860. Jason Place, Moosup, Connecticut
  861. Matthew Plavcan, Portland, Oregon
  862. David Plummer, Haymarket, Virginia
  863. Ari Pollak, Brookline, Massachusetts
  864. Jonathan Polom, grosse pointe woods, Michigan
  865. Nicholas Pontillo,
  866. Murti Poolla, TAMPA, Florida
  867. Richard Pope, Reedsburg, Wisconsin
  868. Steven Popkin, Raleigh, North Carolina
  869. Jordan Porter, Kittanning, Pennsylvania
  870. Charles Portwood, Evanston, Illinois
  871. Rick Potthoff, Houston, Texas
  872. Seth Powell, BLACKLICK, Ohio
  873. Erin Powers, Apple Valley, California
  874. Brian Pratt, Seattle, Washington
  875. Byron Pratt, Austin, Texas
  876. Dirk Prusok, Gahanna, Ohio
  877. Charles Pugh, Austin, Texas
  878. Jameson Pugh, Buford, Georgia
  879. Erik Purins, Alameda, California
  880. Adam Purkiss, Oakland, California
  881. Brian Qiu, New Brunswick, New Jersey
  882. Steven Quaethem, Springfield, Missouri
  883. Chris Quance, Dobson, North Carolina
  884. Daniel R Quintiliani, Milford, Pennsylvania
  885. Charley Quinton, La Center, Kentucky
  886. Aaron Rainbolt, Central Point, Oregon
  887. Gerald Rainey, Rialto, California
  888. Steve Rainwater, Irving, Texas
  889. Ben Rall, Spokane, Washington
  890. Jon Ralston, Massena, New York
  891. Paul Ramer, Newport, Washington
  892. gabriel ramirez, Bloomfield, New Jersey
  893. Erwin Rampy, San Antonio, Texas
  894. Scott Randby, Ravenna, Ohio
  895. Gerald Randler, Prugnanes, Arizona
  896. Alex Rands, Sandy, Utah
  897. Michael Ransbottom, Otsego, Michigan
  898. Douglas Rapp, San Diego, California
  899. Carlos Ravelo, Stamford, Connecticut
  900. Siddharth Ravikumar,
  901. Luke Ravitch, Hawthorne, California
  903. Frank Reischl, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  904. Brent Reitze, BOWIE, Maryland
  905. Greg Renigar, Livermore, California
  906. James Renken, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  907. Hector Reyes, N. Las Vegas, Nevada
  908. Kevin Reynolds, Hayward, California
  909. Mickey Reynolds, Buford, Georgia
  910. Russell Rezaian, Naperville, Illinois
  911. Kevin Rhoads, Lyme, New Hampshire
  912. Sean Rhone, Charleroi, Pennsylvania
  913. Corey Richardson, Troy, New Hampshire
  914. David Richardson, Lexington, Kentucky
  915. James Richie, Germantown, Wisconsin
  916. Kurt Richter, Clearwater, Florida
  917. Lorin Ricker, Elbert, Colorado
  918. Christopher Ricord, Prairieville, Louisiana
  919. David Rideout, SAN DIEGO, California
  920. David Riedel, Manchester, Connecticut
  921. fudmier riely, gulf breeze, Florida
  922. Carl Rigney, Pleasanton, California
  923. Ephraim Risho, Bozeman, Montana
  924. Valerio Risso, Boston, Massachusetts
  925. Joseph Ritter, Barto, Pennsylvania
  926. Oscar Rivera, Camarillo, California
  927. Arnold Robbins, Atlanta, Georgia
  928. Drew Roberts, New York City, New York
  929. Jackson Robertson, Pueblo, Colorado
  930. Adam Robertson, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  931. Tash Robinson, mechanicsville, Virginia
  932. jerly rocero,, New York
  933. Tom Roche, Apache Junction, Arizona
  934. Jonathan Rochkind, Baltimore, Maryland
  935. Mitchell Roe, Troy, Michigan
  936. Alexander Rofini, Molalla, Oregon
  937. Sheryl Rohrbacher, San Jose, California
  938. Jesse Roland, Baltimore, Maryland
  939. Michael Romanovsky, Lynn, Massachusetts
  940. Kevin Romero, Countryside, Illinois
  941. Mark Rosenthal, Arlington, Massachusetts
  942. Kevin Ross, Traverse City, Michigan
  943. Grif Rosser, San Carlos, California
  944. Paul Rotello, Danbury, Connecticut
  945. Gregory Rother, St Louis, Missouri
  946. Francis Rowe, Canvey Island, Essex
  947. Daniel Rowen, Brooklyn, New York
  948. Ronald Ruble, Cleveland, Ohio
  949. Carlos Rueda-Velasquez, Pacific Grove, California
  950. Miles Rufat-Latre, Boulder, Colorado
  951. Brian Ruggiero, Boston, Massachusetts
  952. Geoff Rundlett, Chester, Virginia
  953. Caleigh Runge-Hottman, Loveland, Colorado
  954. Aaron Ruscetta, Decatur, Georgia
  955. Louis Russo, Las Vegas, Nevada
  956. Alan Ruttenberg, East Amherst, New York
  957. Edward Sackinger, San Antonio, Texas
  958. Roman Sadowy, Wading River, New York
  959. John Saecker, Rosendale, Wisconsin
  960. Alex Saffron, Moscow, Idaho
  961. Ruben Safir, Brooklyn, New York
  962. Victor Salas, Santo Domingo, Massachusetts
  963. Andrew Sallee, Brighton, Michigan
  964. G. Thomas Sandbach, Wilmington, Delaware
  965. E Santamaria, St Augustine , Florida
  966. Robert Sartin, AUSTIN, Texas
  967. Matti Savolainen, Irving, Texas
  968. johnny saylor, waltham, Massachusetts
  969. Paul Schacht, Rochester, New York
  970. Henry Schaffer, Raleigh, North Carolina
  971. Philip Schaffner, Hampton, Virginia
  972. Geoffrey Scheller, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  973. Richard Schmeidler, Arlington, Massachusetts
  974. Karl Schmidt, Lawrence, Kansas
  975. Nathan Schmidt, Waterloo, Iowa
  976. Kyle Schmidt, Litchfield Park, Arizona
  977. Harry Schneider, San Jose, California
  978. Jakob Schnell, Vienna, Alabama
  979. Timothy Schoenheider, Falcon Heights, Minnesota
  980. John Schonmeier, Dearborn, Michigan
  981. Aaron Schrab, Durham, North Carolina
  982. Rex Schrader, Roseville, California
  983. Laverne Schrock, Littlefork, Minnesota
  984. Bryce Schroeder, Port Jefferson Station, New York
  985. Richard Schultz, Saratoga, California
  986. Eric Schultz, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  987. Jesse Schulz, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  988. Douglas Schumacker, Tewksbury , Massachusetts
  989. Steve Schwartz, Victorville, California
  990. Eli Schwartz, Atlanta, Georgia
  991. Cory Schwartz, San Antonio, Texas
  992. Eric Schwarzenbach, Somerville, Massachusetts
  993. Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes, Seattle, Washington
  994. Kevin Search, Cedar Park, Texas
  995. Alan Segal, Laughlin, Nevada
  996. Jason Self, Seattle, Washington
  997. Julio César Serrano Ortuno, Villafranca de los Caballeros, Arizona
  998. Alison Severy, Winthrop, Maine
  999. Dustin Shappee, Cottage Grove, Oregon
  1000. William Sharpe, Chesapeake, Virginia
  1001. Matthew Shaw, southampton, Pennsylvania
  1002. Thomas Shaw, Elliott city, Maryland
  1003. Tammy Shearer, Madison, Alabama
  1004. Jeremy W. Sherman, Atlanta, Georgia
  1005. charles sherrouse, philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  1006. Junxiao Shi, Tucson, Arizona
  1007. David Shochat, Portland, Oregon
  1008. Joe Shoen, Wichita Falls, Texas
  1009. Alexey Shumeiko, Dnipropetrovsk, Washington
  1010. Blake Sides, Dallas, Texas
  1011. Garrett Silski, Los altos, California
  1012. Aryeh Silverberg, ST. LOUIS PARK, Minnesota
  1013. Joseph Simmons, Chicago, Illinois
  1014. Jane Simpson, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  1015. Leith Simpson, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  1016. Manik Sinha, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
  1017. Kathleen Skarupa, Baltimore, Maryland
  1018. Jacob Slater, Santa Rosa, California
  1019. Jimmy Sloan, Oak Harbor, Washington
  1020. Peter Sluka, Riverside, Illinois
  1021. Scott Small, San Jose, California
  1022. Andrew Smith, Troy, Michigan
  1023. Daniel Smith, Sunnyvale, California
  1024. Raymond Smith, Stratford, Connecticut
  1025. Stuart Smith, New Bern, North Carolina
  1026. Hampton Smith, Greenville, South Carolina
  1027. Bryan Smith, Jacksonville, Florida
  1028. L Smyth, Skandia, Michigan
  1029. Benjamin Snider, Denver, Colorado
  1030. Cameron Snow, Austin, Texas
  1031. Garrett Socling, Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania
  1032. Luke Solis, Rockland, Wisconsin
  1033. Harry Sorensen, Salida, Colorado
  1034. Timothy Southwick, Lowell, Massachusetts
  1035. Ralph Spada, Huntington Beach, California
  1036. Thor Spangler, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  1037. david spenger, hercules, California
  1038. Bob Spiller, Bow, Washington
  1039. Chris Spitzer, San Francisco, California
  1040. Daniel Sprouse, Austin, Texas
  1041. Drew Squires, Norwich, New York
  1042. Badrinarayanan Srinivasan, Bothell, Washington
  1043. David Staab, Austin, Texas
  1044. Chris Stackpole, Kansas City, Missouri
  1045. Sean Stafford, Orange Park, Florida
  1046. Andrew Staley, Milan, Michigan
  1047. Abigail Standiford, Anchorage, Alaska
  1048. Charles Stanhope, Gresham, Oregon
  1049. Gary Stapleton, Hot Springs, Arkansas
  1050. garry star, Thousand Oaks, California
  1051. Nicholas Stares, Bethesda, Maryland
  1052. Michael Stay, Mountain View, California
  1053. Richard Steffens, Oregon City, Oregon
  1054. Reinhard Stegen, Ettringen, Armed Forces Europe
  1055. Adam Stein, Rochester, New York
  1056. Max Stein, Nazareth, Pennsylvania
  1057. Joey Steiner, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  1058. Robert Stephens, Elizabeth, New Jersey
  1059. JEFFREY STERN, Marietta, Georgia
  1060. Bob Stetz, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  1061. Cody Stevens, Bozeman, Montana
  1062. brett stevens, Naperville, Illinois
  1063. Jordan Stewart, Washington, Washington
  1064. J. Ryan Stinnett, Chicago, Illinois
  1065. James Stockton, Austin, Texas
  1066. Thomas Stombaugh, Dover, Delaware
  1067. Mark Stosberg, Bloomington, Indiana
  1068. Richard Stotelmeyer, Coalinga, California
  1069. Soren Stoutner, Wickenburg, Arizona
  1070. Kirk Strauser, Alameda, California
  1071. Darren Struthers, Tacoma, Washington
  1072. Robert Stryk, St. Louis Park, Minnesota
  1073. Rene Suarez, Buena Park, California
  1074. Timothy Suggs, Summerfield, North Carolina
  1075. Nathan Sullenberger, Greensburg, Pennsylvania
  1076. Steven Sulley, Belleville, Illinois
  1077. Michael Sullivan, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  1078. Kasimir Suter Winter, Hudson, New York
  1079. Robert Swain, New Hudson, Michigan
  1080. Scott Sweeny, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  1081. Tracy Swenson, Smithfield, Utah
  1082. Michael Swierczek, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
  1083. Ilya Sytchev, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  1084. Lahboub Taaissat, New York City, New York
  1085. Charles Tabor, San Marcos, Texas
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  1107. Presley D. Toole, Wakulla, Florida
  1108. Jorge Torres Bauzá, Utuado, Puerto Rico
  1109. Arthur Torrey, North Billerica, Massachusetts
  1110. Roshan Tourani, Highland Park, New Jersey
  1111. W. Craig Trader, Sterling, Virginia
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